3 key things to consider NOW to prevent the 'Melbourne Cup Effect' on your business.


We are at a change in seasons both meteorologically and from a sporting perspective. Here Down Under, the climax of the Australian rules football season took place last week and the same event for the lovers of Rugby League takes place this weekend. Pre-season cricket matches are already underway. So where am I going with all these sporting analogies?

Well I have heard many times that the country shuts down for business between the Melbourne Cup (Horse race run on the first Tuesday in November for overseas readers!) and Australia Day on 26th January. Whilst I am not convinced that this is true for the whole three month period, I would still advise you to make maximum use of the next few weeks. Here are 3 things for you to focus your mind on.

Firstly, have a real good look at your current pipeline of opportunities and be very honest with yourself as to what it contains. If you are satisfied that you have enough to get you to the end of the calendar year then at least prioritise those leads that should close within the period, the low hanging fruit. Be realistic. Don’t waste time and resources chasing unicorns.


If you haven’t got enough leads, you have a lot of work to do. But don’t panic. You can make significant gains by just introducing 10 minutes of consistent prospecting into your daily routine. Talk to your clients and referral sources. Show them you care. Send them articles, drop them a short email, share some interesting facts or research, invite them to a festive drinks event, ask them out to lunch etc. Remember to add some value in every touchpoint.

Secondly, leverage your networks and ecosystems as best you can. It has never been easier to start, nurture and build relationships due to online platforms such as LinkedIn and other social media platforms. When was the last time you updated your online presence including your biography? Doctor Google is a very harsh judge.

Start close to home. What opportunities lie within your own organisation with cross sells and referrals from your own colleagues? Team work can work wonders so start by holding some internal business development gatherings to discuss what is possible.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Swallow your ego and ask for ideas from your line manager, a rainmaking colleague or even one of your clients who may be only too happy to make a referral for you if you only just reached out and asked!

And finally, the main reason professionals lose the sale is because they don’t ask for the business. Sad but true. Don’t be afraid. As the famous quote goes “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.

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