Struggling to grow your professional practice at the rate your knowledge deserves?

Frustrated because you know you could do better if you could just get in front of more interested parties?

Discontent because you talk to lots of people but it doesn’t turn into billable work?

It doesn't have to stay this way.


Who We Are

Professional Services Business Development (PSBD) is a Sydney-based consultancy that provides tailored, practical and results-driven business development strategies to professional services firms.

Our hands on, simple and no-nonsense business development techniques will improve the way you do business and get you results, fast.

Leverage your existing client base, whilst attracting new clients, using our proven strategy, marketing and business development tools.

Learn how to best market your capabilities, so you excel in pitching and networking situations.

At Professional Services Business Development, it is more than just practical business development training.

It is about transforming your business culture, taking you from seller to trusted advisor.

It is about making it easier for people to buy from you, rather than you selling to them.

“Give Alistair 30 minutes of your time and you will want 30 hours of his.”
— Matthew Parkinson, Barrister

10 Common Issues we help clients resolve

Professionals now operate in a highly competitive marketplace and like many other sectors are experiencing challenging times due to clients demanding more for less. Many of the issues faced are common problems such as:

Price sensitive environment - pressure to discount fees

Less frequent and reduced client spend

Improving competition

Not running at full capacity

Little point of difference versus the competition

Heavy reliance on word of mouth marketing

Limited number of ways to produce new business leads

No Business Development culture in place

Few leads from the website

Inability to turn ‘flat whites’ into billable instructions

Despite market conditions, there is always the opportunity to emphasize a firm’s strengths and advantages and reach out to a new clientbase. There is a need to refocus the minds of partners and fee earners on business development and mentor individuals to implement a written individual action plan. PSBD can be the catalyst to producing the necessary attitudinal and behavioural changes required to see a significant return on the investment made.

Despite its growing importance there is often a substantial gap between contemporary best practice and most professionals’ current approaches to business development bred from experience.  

Fine tuning your professionals marketing and business development skills and introducing some new “sales” techniques to expand their repertoire will substantially improve your firm’s capabilities in this core success driver.

To help you to start the learning process, download the eBook below.